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about the studio

studio lalaland is an artisan print studio

a place where the confetti glows, where imagination becomes reality

handmade prints, created with care, printed piece by piece

magic everywhere

about lalaland

be | live in lalaland

a euphoric dreamlike mental state. detached from the harsher realities of life

to think that things that are completely impossible might happen

about the creator

once upon a time..

a little creature was born in the far far east of Holland. it played dress up with barbie dolls for hour and hours. it loved to dress up itself for playback shows and ballet performances. it started to draw. it loved to fill walls with posters. it started to collect items that made it happy. it started to create collections. 

it moved to the big city. it worked in its favourite store: g-sus heavens playground. it studied for entrepreneur. it did research into sustainable materials for the brand kuyichi. it did berlin. more than once. it wrote a thesis about regionalization in the fashion industry. it got its bachelor degree of fashion in business. it developed products and created productions for the dutch brand humanoid for more than 9 years.

it started to believe in fairy tales. it started studio lalaland..

be | live in lalaland

magic everywhere